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16 PF - Pesonality Factors

Cattell and Schuerger provided six steps that outline how they recommend interpreting the results of the 16PF:[30]

  1. Consider the context of the assessment.
  2. Evaluate the Response Style Indexes by first checking responses on Factor B, and then looking at scores on the Infrequency, Impression Management, and Acquiescence scales.
  3. Evaluate the Global Scale scores.
  4. Evaluate the Primary Scales in the context of the Global Scales
  5. Consider scale interactions
  6. Integrate 16PF results in relation to the assessment question

There are about a dozen computer-generated interpretive reports that can be used to help interpret the test for different purposes, for example:

  • Career Development Report
  • Karson Clinical Report
  • Cattell Comprehensive Personality Interpretation
  • Teamwork Development Report,
  • Management Potential Report,
  • Security Selection Report
  • Leadership Coaching Report

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