Cari Lowongan Kerja

  1. Achievement : A need to accomplish tasks well
  2. Deference: A need to conform to customs and defer to others
  3. Order: A need to plan well and be organized
  4. Exhibition: A need to be the center of attention in a group
  5. Autonomy: A need to be free of responsibilities and obligations
  6. Affiliation: A need to form strong friendships and attachments
  7. Intraception: A need to analyze behaviors and feelings of others
  8. Succorance: A need to receive support and attention from others
  9. Dominance: A need to be a leader and influence others
  10. Degradation: A need to accept blame for problems and confess errors to others
  11. Nurturance: A need to be of assistance to others
  12. Change: A need to seek new experiences and avoid routine
  13. Endurance: A need to follow through on tasks and complete assignments
  14. Heterosexuality: A need to be associated with and attractive to members of the opposite sex
  15. Aggression: A need to express one’s opinion and be critical of others [4]

(Edwards, 1959/1985)[citation needed]

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